Sunday, October 26, 2014

sunday notes.

dear halloween: we are so excited for our homemade costumes this year & to celebrate with the most darling friends.

dear husband: you are a rock star with a needle and thread & that sewing machine of yours :) your talents are abundant!!

dear fall weather: thank you for slowly showing yourself here in san diego. i am beyond thrilled :)

dear bar method: you have been my workout of choice since may, but you are too pricey, so it's time for a break for a few months :/

dear slow cooker: you might be my favorite kitchen gadget this fall. we use you on a weekly basis & you serve us some yummy meals. {recipes coming soon.}

dear friendsgiving camping: i am SO excited for you!!! a weekend camping at the beach with our best friends sounds absolutely divine!!!!

dear thailand: we are eagerly counting down the days until we touch down on your beautiful beaches&jungles :) #DCAtakethailand

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