Sunday, November 9, 2014

sunday notes.

second annual friendsgiving beach camping.
dear friendsgiving beach camping: you were the absolute perfect weekend with our best friends!! so grateful to have amazing friends to "do life" with. we had too much fun talking around the campfire late into the night, ate delicious food all weekend long, and the guys got up as the sun rose to hit the water saturday morning. it was pure heaven and i can't wait to do it again next year :)

dear vacation: we are in desperate need for you!!! we've only had short weekend getaways this year; definitely looking forward to some solid time away!!

dear amazing race: we religiously watch you EVERY week & EVERY season and we always say, "oh we can totally do that detour, roadblock, etc!" maybe 2015 will finally be the year we send in an application ;)

dear christmas/holiday decor: we will be getting you out in the next two weeks before our departure. i'll be happy that we decorated ahead of time once we get home tired and jet lagged from thailand!!

dear trader joe's: you always have the best seasonal treats (pumpkin mochi ice cream?! yes please!!). your easy & yummy dinners are also our fav :)

dear books: i have been neglecting you these last couple of months & my unread stack is piling up :( time to change that asap!

dear photo books: you're another item i've been neglecting!! :( my goal is to get some of you started before we leave for our trip & to immediately work on the thailand photo book upon our return!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

halloween 2014.

happy halloween!!
this year we dressed up as kevin (dan) & russell (me) from one of our favorite movies, UP! guess who sewed our awesome costumes?! handsome hubby of course!! ;) my mother-in-law is super talented when it comes to sewing; she made her own wedding dress, hubby and his siblings' clothes when they were growing up, and beautiful award-winning quilts. luckily, dan picked up some of her talents and made my vision come to life!! lucky wife!!! i assisted in design, hot-gluing and painting his hat ;)

^^kevin loves chocolate from russell ;)^^

 oh and i can't forget that hubby also made a dug the dog costume, also from UP, for one of our best friends. his talents never cease to amaze me!!!

hubby and I dragged our friend to the neighborhood where I nanny. if you live in san diego, bressi ranch is the place to take your kids for some good ol' trick-or-treating!! i wish i had taken pictures while we walked around. houses go all out in their halloween decor; more so than they do for christmas!! there is even a street that has about five consecutive houses that are all pirate-themed. AMAZING!!! not to mention everyone we know who lives there buys bags and bags of candy for the hundreds of trick-or-treaters who come by. it was definitely fun to experience and see the cute kiddos I nanny for :)

^^hubby helped pass out some candy while we were there. only photo i got while at bressi ranch; bummed about that :/^^

after carlsbad, we headed north to temecula to continue the festivities with some of our monthly dinner friends. love this group of people and look forward to every dinner each month!!
^^darling friends we got to celebrate halloween with!! so much fun with them always.^^

now onto november!! we've been waiting for you all year :)