Tuesday, March 3, 2015

march goals.

i've noticed recently on other blogs i follow that they post about their monthly goals. i thought this is an absolute brilliant idea!! by doing this, i feel like i can hold myself more accountable ;) i'll check back next month to see how well i did.

1. spring cleaning, organizing, and purging.
spring is the perfect time for a clean and fresh start!! also, it really is time for D and i to go through our things that we've accumulated these last couple of years and do some major purging.

2. start blogging consistently.. 2-3 times a week.
i LOVE our life. seriously i am so blessed with the best friends and family and sweetest husband. we are always busy with so many fun things going on and i want this to be a space i can look back on and remind me of this amazing time in our lives. 

3. get our "yearbooks" started. complete thailand album. work on two previous eurotrip albums.
i'm incredibly behind on ALL our photobooks :( as in, i haven't even started them :/ i need to do some serious catching up this month.

4. read 2 books.
i'm about a quarter of the way into "the andy cohen diaries," but i'd like to tackle 1-2 more books this month. i have a pile growing on my side table :/ there's something about buying new books that makes me happy; now i need to get back in my habit of reading daily ;)

5. go to barre 4-5 times a week.
i am determined to make 2015 the year i commit to living as healthily as i can. turning 27 in january gave me quite the quarter-life crisis and i just want to improve upon every area of my life beginning with exercise. going to bar method is easily my favorite workout and the membership costs a pretty penny, so i want to go as often as possible plus i feel so accomplished after each class!!

6. 2 nights per week = no phones for hubby and i.
we picked wednesday and sunday nights. we are both so busy, especially D with the demands of his job, studying for an engineering licensing exam in april, and not to mention training for 2 half marathons and a full marathon. it's nice to have specific days during the week that we can disconnect.

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