Sunday, March 1, 2015

sunday notes.

dear MARCH: i can't believe you're already here!! 2015 is already flying by too quickly :/ time to get started on our spring cleaning and purging!

dear lazy weekend: you've consisted of barre, hiking, delicious meals, board games, and lots of snuggling. with our hectic schedules, i embrace every one of you that comes our way!!

dear dutch baby: hubby has made you two days in a row for breakfast this weekend and i couldn't be happier!! like i've told D, i'd rather eat a dutch baby over french toast, pancakes, or waffles any day!!! ;) {recipe coming soon.}

dear bar method: i am ever so slightly ADDICTED to you!! to the point that i make plans around class times so i can fit in a class beforehand. i suppose it's the perfect kind of addiction ;)

dear san diego restaurants: there are so many of you that it's always hard to decide where we want to eat. from the hole in the wall (hawaiian homestyle), to the perfect happy hour location (the patio on goldfinch), to the uber fancy (juniper&ivy). you make us so thankful to live in a city with so many delicious options!!

dear puzzalarium: i CANNOT wait for this double date night this week!! is it friday yet?!?!! sooo excited!!!

dear handsome husband: you are so busy with work, studying for the biggest test of your career thus far, and training for your half BUT you are the best at making sure we still have quality time together and for that i am so grateful!!!

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