Sunday, May 24, 2015

sunday notes.

dear bestest friend: happiest of birthdays to you!! my life is abundantly blessed because you are part of it!!! you are the definition of love and loyalty and I could not ask for a better best friend&soul sister :) i hope today is full of all your favorite things!! can't wait to celebrate you :)

dear blog: i'm sorry for neglecting you :( i have some fun posts coming up!! promise!!!

dear husband: work travel has been taking you away lots recently, but you are so awesome at keeping in touch between texts, snapchats, and video calls :) thanks for taking me to seattle with you last week!!

dear seattle: you were showing off in all your glory during our visit!! we love your city and hope to be back soon!!!

dear june: you are right around the corner and you are bringing so many fun events!! the best of them all: our 4th wedding anniversary + a mini vacation we have planned to celebrate!!!

dear wedding coordinating: you are so much fun! how can i even consider you work?! cannot wait for more weddings aka "jobs!" ;)

dear trip planning: we need to start buckling down and researching the details involving you! october will be here before we know it!!

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